Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exclusive PingFu exploit/crack to run it for virtually forever!

The last post was about PingFu and the great speed and flexibility it provides. In fact you can run any sort of software from the humble firefox browser to utorrent with utmost ease. The only problem is that it is not a freeware and provides a trial version for only 3 days. This quick hack will tell you how you can hack PingFu and make it run virtually forever.

Generally commercial softwares keep a tab on the number of days you can use their trial version by putting an entry in the Window's registry which keeps track of installation time etc. But when you uninstall, it does not delete that specific registry entry and during reinstallation it checks and using that registry decides whether the software has been installed in the past or not. Exploiting applications which use this method is pretty easy since that particular registry entry needs to be tracked and then manually modified or deleted.

Unfortunately PingFu uses an advanced mechanism in which it sends the Hard Disk Serial number to its server. This technique is also used by online game servers such as Halo and Counter Strike to ban players.

Actually hard disk serial number is a serial number assigned to the drive whenever a fresh copy of Windows OS is installed. So if PingFu has expired and you want to use it again just format your drive. Obviously formatting is tedious and time consuming, you will also have to backup all your data each time Pingfu expires which is currently 3 days! Therefore I recommend running PingFu on a virtual Windows OS (virtualbox or VMWare are good options) and installing a nifty tool called "Hard Disk Number Changer" (download link is at bottom).

Run it with admin privileges, change the number of the drive in which PingFu is installed , reboot and enter the new (bogus) registration details. Basically PingFu will think that it has been installed on a fresh copy and will allow you to use it for another trial period. It's that simple!

Download Hard Disk Number Changer
Know more about PingFu


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